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Detachment Adminstration

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  1. Activity Reports
    The activity Report is a monthly detachment report that is submitted by the detachment Sr. Vice to the Department Sr. Vice Commandant and then the reports are then combined for the year and they are categorized so that the detachments get recognized for their annual effort. For more information on the Activity report, click on this button
  2. Member Renewal
    Membership renewals is now the detachment responsibilities
  3. Death Notice's
    The death notice is a report that goes to the Department and on to National. . Life members must be reported as soon as possible. The form is located on the web under forms. It is also important that all the members of the department be informed through Facebook and the website. -Click in this area to take you to the form-
  4. Detach Reports
    The detachment Officer Reports are reports that the Detachment staff present to the commandant during the detachment meeting. Each officer has a responsibility within the detachment and as such reports the activities that took place during the past month that coincide with the objectives of the detachment.
Activity Report