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Department of Texas
Marine Corps League

Joining the League
To have served or currently serving in the United Sates Marine Corps. “ON ACTIVE DUTY” for not less than 90 days and earned the Eagle Globe and Anchor, or have served or currently serving in the United States Marine Corps Reserve and have earned no less than 90 reserve Retirement Credit Points, or have served or currently serving as a U.S. Navy Corpsmen who has trained with Marine FMF Units in excess of 90 days and earned the Marine Corps Device clasp or the Warfare Device worn on the Service Ribbon, authorized by for FMF Corpsmen or have served or currently serving as a U.S. Navy Chaplain and have earned the FMF Badge serving with Marines The above , if discharged must present their DD Form 214, or a Certificate of Discharge indicating “Honorable Service”.

Locating a Local Detachment
If you are within the State of Texas, you can use our Online Detachment Locator by clicking the below link to locate a Detachment near you.

Applying for Membership
If you are interested in becoming a Member or Associate Member of the Marine Corps League, please download the application below. Once you complete the application and find a local Detachment near you, visit their website and find out when that Detachments next meeting is. Plan on attending the meeting so your Membership can be validated, and you can meet other members of the Detachment in your area. Membership fees vary from Detachment to Detachment but normally they average $40.00 annually.

Detachment on line locator - Click here

Application for Membership