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Military Order of the Devil Dogs Fleas

Fleas 101

TheMilitary Order of Devil Dog Fleas is the complimentary organization to the Military Order of Devil Dogs, the fun and honor society of the Marine Corps League.

          The object of this organization is to be patriotic, fraternal and entertaining, to promote loyal and unselfish service, to promote good fellowship through fun and companionship with the Devil Dogs and the Devil Dog Fleas and To further promote, perpetuate, and honor the memory of all who have passed on to their eternal rest.
The purpose of the Military Order of the Devil Dog Fleas is to band together in good clean fun to pester, pinch and otherwise make the life of the Devil Dogs one of chasing, scratching, rolling and rubbing pests to get them out of their hair and hide and to create a bond of fun and comradeship between the Military Order of the Devil Dogs and their Fleas.

             Money collected such as the dues both local and national, fines for minor violations such as wearing (or not wearing) a prescribed article of clothing which is determined by the Hide at any given Scratch and the selling of flea collars (to give the dogs limited protection against biting and pestering fleas) and other things. These funds minus minimal operating costs are given to charities such as the scholarship fund, the memorial fund, or a favorite charity.

             There are Unit Hides, Department Hides, and a National Hide and different colors of ribbon depicts the level each person has attained. To become a nit or specimen one must be a member in good standing of the Marine Corps League Auxiliary.  Upon initiation the nit or specimen at the Unit level will become an egg. Eggs are initiated by the Department Hides and after their harrowing initiation they are considered crawlers. The only way to achieve the level of FLEA is to be initiated at a National Convention. Ribbons the Specimens are allowed to wear are black, Crawlers are allowed to wear red ribbons, and Fleas that have been though the initation at National Convention are the ones  who wear gold ribbons.

                The officers are nominated to become Trusty Fleas #3 and then advance up the chairs to attain the exalted level of Madam Big Flea. The office titles are as follows:

Madam Big Flea (Queen of the Hide)                                   Medium Flea (Lady in Waiting)

Little Flea (Drone Flea)                                                         Smart Flea (Judge Advocate)

Scrappy Flea (Scrap Book – Initiation Chair)                      HolyFlea (Bible and Prayer Chair)

Police Flea (Guard) Studious Flea (In Learning -Publicity) Waggy Flea (Banner Carrier)

No NameFlea (Color Bearer)                                               Trusty Fleas (there are 3)      (Fines and Collections)

              The job each office is required to do is similar to the office held in the Marine Corps League Auxiliary.

        The time spent together in this organization is called a SCRATCH not a meeting and calling it that is one of those little violations one can be fined for. A Flea Scratch usually takes place at the same time as a MODD Growl.  The dress code is casual; the idea is to have fun.