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Detachment Officer Reports

Sr. Vice Commandant

Jr. Vice Commandant

Judge Advocvate

The primary responsibility of the Sr. Vice is to be prepared to guide the detachment in case the Commandant is absent. The 2nd most inportant responsibility is to maintain and submit the detachment Activity monthly Report to the Department Sr. Vice.
The Jr. Vice Commandant is responsible for the Recruitment of new membership. His report to the detachment is all the activities that took place priior month to recruit new members. a No report is a none activity report which is unacceptable.
The Judge Advocate report is any new news on any National, State or detachment changes and to keep the detachment business in proper order IAW the bylaws. 




The chaplain is responsible for the death notices and the health and comfort of the members of the detachment. The deatch notice must be submitted to the department Chaplain for further processing to National
The adjutant keeps the minutes of the detachment and submits the previous months minutes to the present detachment meeting. Report should be to the commandant the week before the detachment meeting 
The Paymaster keep all financial records of the financial activities of the detachment and presents the Financial report to the detachment at theirn regular meeting. The financial report must be in to the commandant the week before the meeting

Sgt at Arms


The Sgt at Arms is responsible to the commandant for a verbal report of all present and those that are visitors. A request must be made to accept all visitors to the detachment meeting and ensure that the uniforms regs are followed.
He/she must ensure that all members have the proper credentials (membership Card)
The Detachment Committees ie; Toys for Tots, Va Hospital Committee, NROTC committee, Eagle Scout recognition Committee Ect. must have a report to the detachment meeting and teh Sr. Vice every month of the committee activities.