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The Detachment Activity Report is a monthly report that is submitted by the  1st week end of the following month. 

Activities for the month of March are submitted the 1st weekend of April.

The forms is 3 parts and is simple to fill in some areas.
Activities are any community service or veterans type support activity that is attended by 1 or multiple members of the detachment.

The activity is accomplished at the detachment level, State level, or National Level.
Conventions andConferances are two samples.

Communtiy Activities are anything that the detachment is involved in.

Charitable contributions are all donations that are given regardless if it is money or materials purchased for a presentation.
Contributions can be to any needed individual or organization.

New Member reports is important to not only the detachment but to the department as well.

Recruiter awards are also made available for those members that recruit the most members in the detachment.
The final sheet is the total of all activities and events that the detachment is involved in.
Eagle Scout presentationn incur a cost through certifuicates, plaques or medals given. Make sure that you add the monetary value of the contribution to the Contributuion section.

The monthly Activity Report must be submitted to the Department of Texas Senior Vice Commandant.
John Grafflin; [email protected]
Save the report to your computer and then send it
Activity Report